Cracked Eggs

This weekend we celebrated our first Easter, in our new home province, Gauteng.

Autumn is here, with the falling leaves and brown trees symbolizing not only letting things go but also renewal and rebirth. One of the many lessons I have learnt during this transition season is it is possible to be scared, brave, strong and frail all in one and more importantly, things don’t have to be completely fixed for us to be completely fine.

Another lesson I have learnt is that when we struggle and hurt, it is easy to doubt God’s love and become guarded with others. We also judge ourselves and believe the lies the enemy tells us. Swop those negative thoughts for what you know to be true about God. He loves you. He is good. He died for you. You are forgiven.

Hold on to hope that whatever is hurting you in this moment will not last forever.

Whatever is breaking your heart right now, know that the ache is proof of a beautiful remaking in progress.

Don’t give up.

Instead, look up. Believe God is at work behind the scenes, even when it doesn’t feel like it. God is good at being God. Trust Him. Trust Him with it ALL.

Telelestai – “It is finished.” (John 19:30)

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