Live Life Always

What do you choose to focus on every day? The good experiences or the bad? I do my best to focus on the good, the positive and to be thankful. My friend Sean Williams, does the same.

Sometimes this requires some creativity! To be able to look beyond the mess and in this case literally heaps of rubbish and see hope and possibility instead, is not easy. But it is possible when you are as passionate about a cause as Sean is.

As of 6 May 2021, 50 000 bags of litter have been collected.

I have been volunteering with this incredible group of people and share their vision about recycling and cleaning up our planet one bag at a time. Before the end of the year, our aim is to have collected 100 000 bags and build 100 dustbins.

It takes guts, passion and heart and Sean and his team (a group of residents from the Diepsloot township, along with volunteers) have all of these attributes and more, as they tackle the community with the daily clean-ups, building dustbins and educating others about the importance of looking after our planet and keeping the environment clean. Sean has been invited to speak at a number of schools in the area and I am excited to have been invited to join him next week, and encourage the children to become passionate about saving our planet too.

Sean’s environmental non-profit organization, Live Life Always, is donation driven and relies on sponsorships to employ the team and are always in need of help, in order to keep this initiative going.

Please visit or email Sean if you can contribute in any form.


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