You’ve Got A New Story To Write

“You’re slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.”

Note to self: As broken as you feel, you are still strong. Maybe not physically, and the reality of that situation is taking its toll – the shattered dreams of returning to the distance running I love and all my stage and fitness adventures, now treasured memories, probably never to be repeated.

After two years, hope to slowly return to the road in a small way, but it will look very different, and that has to be okay.

The journey is often not pretty or graceful. I remain grateful and positive, but will also allow myself days to grieve. We all have to learn to embrace the messy bits of life, hold ourselves together and keep moving. I’m looking forward to the future, even though right now things are not great, I believe what is yet to come will be amazing.

Good thing I love peanut butter!

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