I enjoy being outdoors, which is one of the reasons I love to run.

My biggest motivation is inspiring others, while still having fun!

It’s not only great for my body but also helps relax my busy mind.

The runners are like family to me, this community is one of a kind!


The people I have met while running, have helped change my life.

This journey has shaped me into a better person, friend and wife.

ASICS is the brand I have always trusted to run in, right from the start.

I am a loyal fan and believe in what they stand for with all my heart.


The FRONTRUNNERS are passionate athletes, many are friends of mine.

Some of the incredible women include Charmaine, Jani and Caroline.

The guys are great too, Quaniet, Admire, Nicholas and the rest of the team.

Movement is in our blood and if chosen to join them, it would be a dream.




To become a #ASICSFrontRunner would be a dream come true.

What an honour to be part of a team with dynamic people like you!

ASICS has been part of my running journey right from the start,

From my first kilometre until now, we have never been apart.

My ASICS have taken me up high mountains and suburban streets,

Gravel roads, winding trails, freezing conditions and extreme heat.

If my running shoes could talk, they would have many stories to tell,

We have been through both highs and lows and know each other well!

I would be proud to represent your brand and give you my all!

But the task ahead is a difficult one and ultimately it’s your call.

There are so many worthy candidates from which you must choose,

And we will continue to support ASICS, no matter if we win or lose!

We’ll wait with excitement and anticipation to hear the results at the end,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enter and make new friends.

Sharing my social posts and being in this community has been so much fun.

It is yet another reason why I love this sport and know I was born to run!