Sandwiches Stacked – World Record Smashed

In the previous post I mentioned that the Do More Foundation was aiming to make 100 000 sandwiches on World Food Day (16 October) and I am excited to let you know that not only did we crush the world record of 57 000 sandwiches, but we exceeded our original target! Together with 50 corporate partners across South Africa, the Do More Foundation made history by making 107,418 sandwiches in one hour!


Over 2500 volunteers at 43 sites across South Africa were allocated one hour between 10am and 11am to pull off this feat and we did it. This was an overwhelming experience and one I will never forget. In the process of making these sandwiches, a total of 14 000 loaves of Sunbake bread were used, as well as 1,7 tons of Rama spread and 1,7 tons of Yum Yum peanut butter.


The sandwiches were thereafter distributed to children from impoverished communities across South Africa.


The dedication of time, energy and resources to this cause, from the corporates that took part, as well as the meticulous planning and organization from the Do More Foundation and volunteers, all contributed to the outstanding success of this venture.

Even though records were smashed, the most important aspect was being able to raise awareness for food insecurity and the effect it has on young children in South Africa.


Warren Farrer of the Do More Foundation, believes this year’s epic sandwich attempt was merely a taste of what’s to come. “I’m really looking forward to taking it up a step next year”. He also reflected on the success of the event and thanked all those who took part. “When you have a vision and an idea that connects with people, amazing things can happen. Today we helped brighten a little child’s day somewhere. There’s no better reward. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing partners, so a massive thanks to all those involved.”


World Firsts

This morning I watched in awe as Eliud Kipchoge became the first person to break the two hour marathon barrier. It was epic! What an honour to have witnessed history in the making.


As a runner, my mind boggles at the splits he was able to achieve.


On Wednesday I will be involved in another world first, but this time I will be taking part, not watching on the sidelines. I am excited to be working with The Do More Foundation, to break the world record for the most number of sandwiches made in an hour! All this is in aid of World Food Day on 16 October.


I am passionate about this project and it inspired me to write a poem dedicated to my team and the thousands of people who will be involved in turning this vision into a reality.

Peanut Butter For Purpose

I recently joined the DO MORE FOUNDATION and it feels like home.

They care for the community and I’m inspired by the love that’s shown.

Focusing on young children, the youth, easing hunger and animal projects too,

These are the fundamental pillars, providing the base for the work they do.

This week, on 16 October, we are hosting a huge campaign for World Food Day.

The team has come up with an incredible idea to celebrate in their own unique way.

They always set big goals but this time around, they have upped their game,

When you hear what we are hoping to achieve, you may think it is a little insane!

One hour – 100 000 peanut butter sandwiches – that is what we plan to make.

With corporates and volunteers on board, we will achieve this, make no mistake!

Together we can break the world record (57 000 sandwiches), this I do believe.

We are united as a team, for a good cause, and there is nothing we can’t achieve.